Beware Of The Harm Caused Due To Buying Medicines Online

Today most of the people access the internet to know about disease conditions. Many sites post details about health conditions, symptoms, remedy and much more. Besides a lot of forums which talk about individual’s experience in taking drugs for any health issues, today’s Internet provides a wide range of useful info and options.

Fascinated by the internet, people have started even purchasing medicines online. The worst part is they do this even without doctor’s prescriptions. Especially drugs like Viagra for erectile problems, Lipitor to control cholesterol, usual acetaminophen for fever and body pain, and other generics, including oxycodone, lasix, Zoloft, etc. are available online. They attract people by offering drugs at a meager price when bought in bulk. This along without the prescription option allures customers to go for an online drug purchase.

Always Remember That Drugs Must Be Prescribed By Medical Practitioners For The Following Reasons

  • They guide on how to use the drugs.
  • They will let you know the side effects.
  • Provide you a suggestion about the period to take the medicines.
  • Also, will keep you informed of the dangers caused by the medicine.

When you take medicines without doctor advice, you may know what reactions will take place in your body. You will receive more dose than required and suffer counter effects.

Know The Top 5 Reasons Why Medicines Purchased From Unregistered Online Sites Cause Harm

  1. They could be expired medicines, may not be prepared with original formulations and fake medications will take your health for a toll.
  2. Alternatively, the drugs could be diluted or concentrated and cause ill effects to your
  3. The drugs come without brand names and will not hold any responsibility for the damage caused to your health.
  4. You cannot reach out to doctor if you take unprescribed drugs as they will refuse to attend you in case of emergency. It is a legal offense.
  5. A lot of scams can happen to make money, and you will become the victim to it.

Details About Authorized Online Pharmacy

  • Every online drugstore will ask for a valid registered physician’s prescription to give drugs.
  • You must get a paper or e-prescription from your doctor.
  • One step ahead, some sites provide online consultation with a reputed general physician and then dispense medicines based on their recommendation.

If none of the above things happen, then be sure that they are scam websites and will offer medicine to you only with a money-making motive.

How To Identify Scam Websites?

  • Scam sites do not have a proper logo.
  • They cannot provide registration details on their site. Often you will see only mobile numbers and email id.
  • Valid contact address will not be provided, even if offered such a place may not be physically verified.
  • Pharmacies that offer more discounts will not be genuine for sure. Remember every drug involves manufacturing cost, and hence it cannot be sold very cheaply.

Final Suggestion

Do not diagnose the health condition for others or yourself. You must consult a doctor and get a prescription to purchase medicines from reputed pharmacies. Until and unless you are sure about online drug store’s reputation, do not buy any medication from them.