Bathroom Walls Finishings: Considering The Best Solutions

Painting the walls in the bathroom is a kind of finish is just as popular as the cladding tiles. You can paint the walls in a color that you like best, painted surfaces are easy to combine with other popular types of finishes, plus you can use a variety of nifty decorative elements. Moreover, painting the walls in the bathroom is a more cost-effective option against the background of typically costly tiles. However, if you are looking to get a results that will please you for long years to come, you should better pay attention to more expensive and high-quality paint products.

It should be noted that a direct hit of streams or drops of water should be avoided in any type of coating, even in case of the highest quality paints. Therefore, for the finishing of the surfaces that are constantly in contact with water, you should better consider other finishing materials: for example, ceramic tiles or plastic panels. The paint for the bathroom must be water-resistant by default, so you can maintain its aesthetic attractive appearance.

Moisture resistant paints: the benefits

Virtually any type of water-resistant paint can be applied in bathroom. These modern coatings are designed so that not only they are resistant to high humidity, but also comply with generally accepted standards of hygiene. The advantages of moisture resistant coatings are expressed as follows:

  • Ease of use, quick and problem-free application, including practically instantaneous drying;
  • Durability and resistance to aggressive environments;
  • The composition, which is distinguished by environmental friendliness and lack of negative impact on the human body;
  • The antibacterial, antifungal additives that prevent occurrence of mold and fungal spores.

Reconstituted variety of colors

The nowadays market offers lots of various paint products for building materials. But, unfortunately, not all of them meet the high standards that dictate such facilities as a private bathroom. What variety of colors it’s worth paying attention to alkyd enamels and water-resistant paints. Alkyd enamel is a universal paint: it is oftentimes utilised in exterior works and is even capable of protecting the metal from corrosion. This type of paint is produced by such industry innovators as Britannia, specialising in exterior wall coatings materials production. It is distinguished by such features as water resistance and quick drying. Alkyd enamel application is characterised by oxidation, forming a thin layer that does not leave ugly streaks on the surface; this layer perfectly repels moisture. That is why the walls painted with alkyd enamels, easily withstand exposure to water and do not react to the application of various detergents. Therefore, the room, painted with this kind of waterproof paint is very easy to keep clean and tidy.

Water-resistant paints, which many prefer, are based on acrylic or vinyl polymers. Thanks to this combination such paints may outperform latex, alkyd and enamel solutions. Latex paint composition doesn’t feature organic solvents, this finishing material is a guarantee of safety for human health. Latex materials, unlike enamel ones, are odourless.