Customer Attraction In Swedish Gambling

According to an aspiring, yet already successful Swedish gambling reviewer “Apnet Casino“, the local institutions pay close attention to customer retention and new players engagement aspects, taking into account a relatively cheaper price of gaining such customers.

Therefore, there are situations when potential gamblers attend the casino to enjoy a fairly major sporting event, e.g. horse racing or boxing match. This is where German casino owners will hardly miss an opportunity to create awareness about the institution. Demonstration and promo materials: posters, information on the scoreboard and the arena, flyers – the arsenal of savvy businessmen is quite impressive. Non-direct advertising can also take place in other public events such as the opening of new branches of companies. Another German trend is advertising their establishments through inviting famous musical groups, parodist, magicians, as well as hosting numerous presentations and events. Such activity does not interfere with people engaged in adrenaline-rich sessions, plus it attracts regular visitors who come to see the concert, and can end the evening at the gaming table. However, along with crowds of people, attracted by the event, among the negative qualities can also be listed a short period of validity of this method: it’s not necessarily that after the concert the amount of visitors in an institution will significantly grow.

Also, among the important marketing tools that aim at attraction of new players in Germany should be listed public statements about the unusually large prize or winnings with special prizes such as cars, exclusive vacations, and others.

For regular players, the retention methods include the following activities:

  • Launching programs to increase the number of returned newcomers after the first visit;
  • Initiating programs of awarding customers souvenirs, gifts;
  • Launching special programs to celebrate various parties (in this case, the institution will cover any food or all the drinks ordered); paid vouchers for leisure and etc.
  • Starting programs to press for increase in customer loyalty.

German casino players are notified of these programs mainly by e-mail, and it should be noted that the method demonstrates impressive efficiency – nearly 25% of the total customers are interested in getting regular updates. As incentives to improve attendance special events are organized, aimed at increasing the adrenaline of the players through offering sky-high payouts in a short period of time, celebration of family holidays with friends, birthday parties and etc.

Advertising of gambling establishments is primarily aimed at reminding the players that the casino is in business and that the customers are always welcome; yet, of course, marketing specialists do not put much hope on the sudden rise in the level of attendance by the outdoor advertising.

PR- casino programs aim at increasing interest to them through the media, where the main principle of operation is the slogan ‘the bad news is good news’ , so an average casino will publicly advertise both big wins its visitors managed to earn and fraud actions, since the old rule declares that curiosity attracts visitors.